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A very long time ago in New France [sic *] on an enormous land were several farmers.

On one side of the river of this great land, five farmers produce a variety of products and trade with five farmers who live on the other side of the river; one swaps vegetables for flour, the other swaps seeds for honey and cider, etc. However, they are separated by a river, which makes exchanges difficult. They decide by mutual agreement and unanimously, agree to build a bridge. Since this agreement and the construction of the bridge, their business has been going wonderfully.

This simple metaphor illustrates what We The Living Flesh & Blood Souls want; unite our voices, unanimously, to create something. What we want to create is a single arrow. This unique arrow, we will launch it with a bow that will be held by all our arms.

The DEEP STATE narrative

Since the election began in the United States, DEEP STATE has changed its narrative. Now they are  accusing Trump of all kinds of things, including taking too long to act ...

At the beginning,  last March, we were confined because there were so many deaths. 100 deaths per day and exponential thereafter..! Not a lot of cases, but a lot of deaths.
For a week, there have been two or three deaths in CANADA [sic].

Why do they want us to return to lockdown?

Now that they've started testing again (which is 70% false positives), there are more cases, but no deaths.
Why do we want to LOCKDOWN everyone?

Yet everyone obeyed and wore their masks all summer. Why are there so many positive cases if the mask has been worn ???

There is no longer anyone dying from COVID-19 ...

Do you notice the inconsistencies, contradictions and lies with ARRUDA [sic] and LEGAULT [sic]? And  TRUDEAU [sic]? In FRANCE [sic]? In ENGLAND [sic]? In ITALY [sic]? … ..

Do you find it normal that the media narrative had only one opinion and talked about only one thing, without ever having any guests who would have given another point of view on the virus? Did you notice that the numbers of people infected and deaths did not match the actual statistics?

How did the world come about?

There was no forms, registry offices nor government bodies  when the farmers unanimously agreed to build their bridge. There were no corporations either. It worked anyway.

Right now, our bodies are imprisoned in corporations and belong to the Bank of Canada. Your body is a number and is owned by the government. This is the capital letters part ...

Our intention

In a few words, here is what we intend to do; It might sound strange, but believe it, it makes the most sense. We will separate the dead part of us (LEGAL PERSON) (the part that was created when you were born belongs to the CORPORATION and is identified in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS) from the Will (Soul). Next, we are going to put the Will of each Soul into a Living (Organic) Republic.

Our Soul is the Blood and the Flesh which gives life to the body.

We will unite the Wills of everyone and put them under one umbrella and when we have enough numbers, a Legal Public Notice reflecting our intention will be published internationally. In other words, we unite our Voices in a single arrow that will strike the heart of those who persecute us.

This Legal Public Notice will have consequences after 30 days if nothing has been done to correct the situation as we (the Voices of All People Together) want it to be corrected.

Notifications will be made to CANADA (SIC) *, QUÉBEC (SIC) * and for all PROVINCES (SIC) *, then for each of the COUNTRIES (SIC) * concerned, to notify them of our withdrawal and the creation of our Republic of the Will of Living Souls (Organic).

The one We trust to be well governed should be the extension of Who We Are ... But ... democracy does not exist. We are rarely asked for our consent before making a Law (SIC) *  and even if we oppose the proposal, the government often passes it without our agreement. And the sheep and ostriches continue to vote for the same broken promises to be served.

The Creation of the Living Republic will allow us to ask for protection against the dictators who are in place and to have them dismissed from their abusive functions.  And this through Treaties, International Conventions set up by the G20, MCA Treaty, Norad Act… etc…

*SIC :It is, among other uses, the convention by which one indicates that, in a text quoted or recopied, there is a fault, but that this fault is not the responsibility of the one who transcribes, but of the author of the quote or original text.

Do you remember Gandhi in the 1940s-1950s?

We are facing a similar situation; we have the choice to be locked up at home, alone and die alone or die together, holding hands and being ready to die for our cause OUR WAY….
It’s time to stand up together and unite our voices and our will.

Gandhi's People had a choice; that of dying alone, at home or of dying together, holding hands. What do you think happened? What choice would have been yours?

Result: The army ultimately only killed a few commoners. The People stood together and defeated the ruling authority. The will of the People was greater than the dictators who wanted to control them.

Gandhi’s victory was done without violence and with RESPECT.

What is the starting point that we are raising?

The question is simple: Do you find that the health measures put in place for covid are exaggerated?

While waiting What to do?

I speak to you personally:“Say enough is enough! Because… who does not say a word consents. That's enough!”


Talk to 9 people around you. Ask these 9 people to bring together 9 people. You take emails and phone numbers so that they are never alone and isolated again. We will need all the voices that have the will to see things change for the vision of “sovereignty” (Sovran) to materialize. Get in touch with these people and talk to each other about what you are going through. Keep your energy above the fear and stay connected with the joy. With respect for each and everyone.

Don't waste your time converting the sleeping. At this point, they are unlikely to wake up. Focus on those who seek us, who want to make a difference. Keep an eye out with your group. We will be visible on social networks such as Telegram, Signal, Parler, Messenger, and a few others.


Also… Cultivate your education

The ANTIFA movement that is active in the United States (SIC) * is the same as the SA movement in the days of the Nazis. Did you know? (See summary below)
We are three and a half months away from the year 2021 ... Agenda 21 (UNITED NATIONS (SIC) *) is going to be pushed on us. Do you know about it?
Alone, we can no longer change anything, But All Together under the same white flag… ..

Together we can do it all. Everything is possible.

Our goal is to bring together 300,000 people by September 25, 2020 and a little bit for the People's Expenses ...

To be continued…


WWG1WGA  walking in  Peace & Respect

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               Publicity by Adpathway

               Publicity by Adpathway

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A very long time ago in New France [sic *] on an enormous land were several farmers.

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The urgency to unite all under one Voice.

 The Mission of the Republic is to unify our forces under our 4 fundamental values, in order to create The Flèche which will bring order to Earth. Allow up to 24 hours for a response.


WWG1WGA  walking in  Peace & Respect

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