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The Laws and Values of Divine Actions ...


  • Truth: The Highest Truth is absolute, changeless in the past, present, and future, true at all times and in all places. Truth is not relative, changing according to our perceptions and circumstances. Truth manifests as being truthful, honest, and sincere, acting with integrity according to the dictates of our conscience.


  • Right Action: True Right Action is speaking and acting on the truth that emerges from the heart, the source of human conscience and human values. When we engage in right action, we treat others the way we wish to be treated, with respect, kindness, compassion, with an understanding and appreciation of the unity of all life.



  • Peace: Absolute Peace manifests as inner mental calm, and the ability to maintain equanimity in all situations. When we feel peaceful within ourselves we will naturally feel peaceful towards others.


  • Non-Violence: Avoiding causing harm to anyone or anything in our thoughts, words, and deeds. Non-Violence allows us to appreciate diversity, cultivate tolerance, and recognize the unity of all beings and respect for all life.



  • Love: The highest Love is selfless Love. It is Love that is unconditional, without attachment, not expecting anything in return. All actions emanate from the heart. Love is the force behind the other Human Values, and our actions:

“Love in Speech is Truth"
"Love in Action is Right Action"
"Love in Thought is Peace"
"Love in Understanding is Non-Violence.”

WWG1WGA  walking in  Peace & Respect

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Results and Overall Objective

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Join us for your Well-Being

The urgency to unite all under one Voice.

 The Mission of the Republic is to unify our forces under our 4 fundamental values, in order to create The Flèche which will bring order to Earth. Allow up to 24 hours for a response.


WWG1WGA  walking in  Peace & Respect

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