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EXPENDITURE OF THE REPUBLIC OF ALL PEOPLES FOUNDATION for the Living Organization of the Republic of the Will of All Peoples.

We are above all a Great Family of Peace and Respect, which is educated on how to take back our Power, to have Freewill on our fundamental rights and our way of living acquired at birth, and this at all times in Respect. .

Our mission is to raise our Consciousness and the Expansion of our Knowledge in this WORLD (SIC).

To share honest and fair information, in order to awaken the population in a very Peaceful, Honorable and above all Respectful way, to transform, through peaceful actions, the individual collective conscience into a unified conscience.

Because we are all together here,  to create a better Haven of Peace on this Earth.

Your donations will be used, among other things, to finance:

Foundation administration costs;

• Phone
• Online coaching and education activities. (zoom subscriptions)
• Offices
• Services to members of the Large Family (Lessons, listening for self-distress….)
• Miscellaneous fees for education coaches
• The costs of website hosting, administration, Webmasters, domain name, and content updates….
• The costs of purchasing or renting equipment (tablets, computer, eran
• Etc ...

If you wish to make a donation by interac transfer:
Address to: Jérome Francoeur, Director of the Foundation.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Question: Who are we?
Answer: Family

It is very important to us that you are reassured about the use we will make of your donations. Know that these will always be used in a way that promotes our mission and that expenses will be kept to a minimum. We also endeavor to keep all expense records in order to be transparent.

We also rely heavily on your generosity to help us meet a few needs within the team, whether by involving you in positions such as:
- Coaching
- Secretariat
- Computer graphics / Graphics
- Political press officer
- Social media specialist
- Etc ...

The administration of the REPUBLIC OF ALL PEOPLE  FOUNDATION (SIC)
for the Living Organization; The Republic of the Will of all the Peoples of the Earth
October 1, 2020