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About Us

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WhoWe areWeare theWillofOur Souls, theLiving Flesh & Blood  that habitat ourLiving BodiesWeare thePeopleWe are the Willthat Created theWORLD (SIC) .




TheReal Poweris to the PeopleandPeopledecide what is best for them with theFICTIONNAL CONTRACT SOLD TO US WICH IS DEMOCRACY AND DOES WORK

We are the Unamous  Voice of the People unified for our Tacit Rights given by the Universe of Tacit Agreement for;

Having a roof, food, water etc…

The right to divine commerce to provide for our Families

The Right of Divine decision with our Lives, for our hobbies and different LifeWays.

The Right to Travel Freely anywhere on the Globe of Mother Earth, because NO PERSON (SIC, NOR CORPORATION (SIC) NOR GOVERNMENT SIC, NOR RELIGION SIC have the Patent that they both the Earth and we must comply with FICTION..

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What is the Republicof The WillofAll People of Earth ?

The movement of peace and of Our Souls is the act and the decision of separating the Living Soul from the moral entity in place (created by a CORPORATION (sic)) with Our Will. 


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Who are we?  is the big question.  We come into the world from a father and a mother...

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The difference between FICTIONAL, CORPORATION and creation of Mankind in the WORLD, versus an Organic Will or Living Organic Republic of the strength/voice of all Souls on the Earth.

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Coming very soon in order to fully understand your position

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Number 117 gives huge powers


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               Publicity by Adpathway

Latest News

October 11, 2020

Our Operating Costs

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EXPENDITURE OF THE REPUBLIC OF ALL PEOPLES FOUNDATION for the Living Organization of the Republic of the Will of All Peoples.

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September 28, 2020

History, the past teaches us and has taught us ....

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The sayings and morals of the past speak to Us ....

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September 26, 2020

The Will of an Earth

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A very long time ago in New France [sic *] on an enormous land were several farmers.

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September 26, 2020

No pilot or co-pilot at the controls!

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There is no Pilot, No co-pilot within the Republic of the Will of All People of Earth.

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Results and Overall Objective

Divine Members
COUNTRIES Objectives (SIC)
Divine Members Goal

Join us for your Well-Being

The urgency to unite all under one Voice.

 The Mission of the Republic is to unify our forces under our 4 fundamental values, in order to create The Flèche which will bring order to Earth. Allow up to 24 hours for a response.


WWG1WGA  walking in  Peace & Respect

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