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Who are we?  is the big question.  We come into the world from a father and a mother...

A few years later, someone asks us: “what is your date of birth?” (for example, when you are 19). The first time I heard that question I said to myself “I am told that I am born on such a date but I have no knowledge of it.  But besides the document issued to that effect, I could not personally validate or remember that information; I was really too small to remember.

I realized the meaning of this on the day when Anna swallowed by the court in this file I was asked my date of birth but I said I read the rules of the court that this is the first time that I come to the court and I do not hold. This information because I was told that who comes from third person and in the court one should speak only of the facts that one has and all the truth that one has. This weighed in on me a truth because I was told that coming from a third person has wondered so.

Later in my life around four hundred because I went into some form of reform to go and install an educational program throughout my education provided by the system I really realized that my inner power was raking in everyone the days because they trained me to possibly the day worked for a mail bigger than me-one knew that I was there to educate myself to be a good slave, a good sheep, and especially good ostrich which today I have realized that I am calling the spiders.

Taking back your power is not about being anarchically rebellious.  wanting people to know how to forgive what I have learned over the years was to realize that the problem came from me. I accepted everything: all these requests, all these contracts, and very voluntarily, gave my consent. “I said yes.” Until the day I said: “no thank you”, I'm flattered but this is what I will taste at risk vibrant tribute months and I will pass on this offer I take back direction ball.

This is who we are and it can take several lives for some, even centuries, or even millennia for some terms that wake up young including a little later but it's never too late to wake up and say “I am”.

I also realized this the day I was in court for a divorce case and couldn't get along with my lawyer. I told him “you no longer work for me. I don't need you anymore.” I put you in court before the judge. When I arrived in front of the judge he told me “Mr. So-and-so, you no longer have a lawyer! Do you choose to represent yourself today?” I thought about it and I took the question literally. I didn’t understand. I said “Mr. Judge, can you repeat the question please?” and mother a little more severe the second time, he asked:  “Mr. so-and-so, you turn on your lawyer as soon as you choose to represent yourself today in court and the lady I was completely broken I understand it. Of who I represented because in the back end I was there so I started jumping from left to right. I look for and the judge got angry and holds Mister sir and knocked his hammer. is said “you have to answer the question to the court”. There the security officer approached me. I kept jumping right to left Thursday “I cannot because I am present”. He struck his hammer and said: “case dismissed!” I had won! It took me over six months of research to find out what had happened in court that day...


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               Publicity by Adpathway

               Publicity by Adpathway

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