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The “A” Plan


Never deviate from Plan A. Follow the plan.

A notice will be published in 150 newspapers in Canada (sic) as well as in Washington DC (sic) in the United States (sic). Other countries (sic) such as our friends in Europe (sic), Latin America (sic), Asia (sic), Africa (sic) and our friends across the globe in Australia (sic) and New Zealand (sic) will also receive the publication of the article (notice).

This article is a public and legal notice.

It will be published for a month. After 30 days, if there is no internal resolution, this legal notice will become an international papertrail which can lead to international intervention and admiral judgment.

Here is a summary of the content of what will be published and which must be supported by as many signatures as possible. We are aiming for a minimum of 300,000 signatures.

These signatures will become a “membership” (subscription), or contract, to be part of The Republic of the Will of the People which will come to be later.

The signatures confirm the agreement with the notice to be published.

"We, the People, have relevant questions to ask all those elected, in a position of authority who give the directives and measures such as Mr. Legault and his ministers in Quebec (sic), Justin Trudeau for Canada (sic), Emmanuel Macron in France (sic), and Scott Morrison in Australia (sic), to name a few.

We want valid scientific answers as to the validity of the emergency health measures that have been applied since March 2020.

We demand an investigation into what really happened in the CHSLDs in Quebec. This investigation will have to be done by external parties.

We want to know the real statistics, that is, the real numbers of people who actually died from Covid.

We demand explanations and validation of all the information that has been conveyed in the mainstream media. We are making a disallowance request from the government if lies have been told to the general public.

We want the World Health Office (WHO) reports to be publicly disclosed. Among others:

reports that show that the actual global death rate is 0.06%;

that wearing a mask is not recommended;

that children are not contagious;

and that asymptomatics are not contagious.

The above information circulated on the Internet but not in the mainstream media such as Radio-Canada (sic), TVA (sic), CTV (sic), NBC (sic), etc. There was only one narrative. Why was no other opinion heard during the entire period (March to September)?

We have questions and we demand accountability.

One cannot help but note that crucial information seems to have been deliberately omitted and instead of imparting an educational narrative to support the increasingly anxious population and growing psychological distress, we have instead found that the dialogue was to create a huge campaign of fear.

We want to know why Arruda pivoted about wearing the mask; one day he said that it is strongly discouraged to wear the mask in the general public and then he said, "We decided that the mask was mandatory." What is the reason for this sudden change of direction? Why impose this rule when the epidemic curve is flattened? Why continue to require a two-meters "social" distancing after making the wearing of a mask mandatory?

After killing off a ton of businesses and shattering a ton of dreams self-employed and entrepreneurs had, we want to know what your plans are to get the economy going.

Through our Voice, we claim the following fundamental rights, which unite us all:

To have the freedom to trade, to be able to earn a living, in order to meet our basic needs, as well as those of every living being under our protection;
To have a roof over our head and a comfortable home;
To be able to eat healthy food and plenty;
To have safe and drinkable water;
To have seeds that nourish and protect life and the ecosystem;
To have the freedom to barter naturally between us;
To have the freedom to move freely, to travel through different regions of the globe without restriction;
To have the freedom to take care of our families and to join them when needed;
To have the freedom to breathe clean, healthy air;
To have the freedom to receive and give hugs and smiles
To have the freedom to choose for our lives, our different life choices (LifeWays), our hobbies;
To have the freedom to cure and treat ourselves with the methods and medicine of our choice;
To have the freedom to take care of our elders with dignity and to provide them with adequate care in honorable conditions.

We align ourselves with Respect, in all its forms and derivatives, including respect for Divine Laws.

We demand a review of laws passed mid-closed, illegally.   In this legal document, which initially represents an attempt to settle the dispute internally between the parties concerned (The People and the leaders of Quebec (sic)), not excluding other nations) according to divine laws, the government (sic) will have the chance to show its transparency.  Otherwise, there will be consequences to the social contract. The consequences will be published in the letter. When published in newspapers in Canada (sic) and Washington DC (sic) in the United States (sic), the letter will be posted throughout Quebec (sic), as well as internationally as mentioned above.  But it will be posted ONLY in CONSENTING stores and businesses.  No graffiti.  No violence tolerated.
This is done in order to respect the divine laws by first trying to settle the conflict amicably.   
Within 30 days of the publication of this letter, which is also a legal document, it will will become an international papertrail that will allow us to use free trade agreements including the Norad Treaty, signed in 2002, by Jean Chrétien and the MCA Treaty, Chapter 27, signed by Trudeau and the President of Mexico on July 1, 2020, and ratified on March 13, 2020.
These agreements protect us from internal corruption within our homeland. These treaties give us the right to involve the U.S. military in cases of corruption and treason in the offending country.
We will use the force of these treaties to investigate from the outside.  And possible arrests will take place.
Mandatory vaccination is being pushed on us in an accelerated way - without the tests and preconditions - and we need to act now.  Our rights and freedoms are more than violated.
Additional information on that will be revealed in another press release.
Signatures as well as additional information will be available on the website: www.RepublicofAllPeople.
There will be information sessions on Zoom as well as educational lessons. The fee to attend will be minimal or free as much as possible.
For now, what matters is Plan A: Finding as many people as possible to sign and support this movement to free the people.
Plan A:  Talk to at least 9 people who talk to 9 people, and so on.
The army will not move for a hundred people. Think about that.
People who sign and support the legal notice will be able – if it were to come to that – to be rescued by the army if mandatory vaccination meant that we would be forced, in our homes, without our consent, to receive the vaccine or to be sequestered for refusal.  That is why Legault's Bill 61 has been so strongly challenged.  The detention camps are already built and they do not want to reveal their locations.
To finance these actions, it will of course be necessary to have some money. Funding is currently in the form of voluntary donations.  A system is being put in place, including a foundation, so that this money can only be used for the efforts put in place for the liberation movement; website, newspaper publications, and miscellaneous expenses.
At the moment, we are several volunteers who pay our fees. In order to move things forward, we have already invested a lot of time and cancelled personal contracts.   
Where WE go 1, WE go All.  WWG1WGA
Unity is strength. 
When the situation is resolved here and elsewhere, we hope to see the global liberation movement of peoples spread simultaneously around the globe.
WWG1WGA  walking in  Peace & Respect