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Number 117 gives huge powers


“They will do well to all those who are associated with them. They will have a liking for arts. They will be a treasure house of information about matters slated to spirituality. They will keep on working untiringly. Their mind will keep on moving like the waves of the ocean. They will spend hard earned money in extravagant expenses. They will assume leadership. They will pursue the path of wisdom.”


What about the logo? Explanation and interpretation – its vibration and the message it carries

The logo came from the Star Brothers; All People are writing their own legend to come Now and for the next seven generations. When we look at this logo, we see the Earth representing Mother Earth. Earth is a woman, for she was sown with plenty of seeds, and theses seeds planted inside Her, in her land, gave a few months later what we call the Plant of Life or Tree of Life. These are beautiful and pretty plant which gives fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs. So if you put a seed (Male) in the Earth (Female) it must be beautiful. Mother Earth is alive.

Looking at the logo closely, you can see the whole black part behind which looks like a medicine wheel, like those of the ancient tribes of this Earth, who are the source of the Creation of the peoples of the Earth, what people call AMERINDIANS (SIC) or Tribal People.

This logo is also the logo of the Intergalactic Council of our galaxy. The shapes in black trace a very powerful Quantum Energy Mandala, which some of our brothers will call them “Coming from our Star brothers, etc ...”

You will see in the next few years - because I am coming from the future - and in the next 3 years, the GOVERNMENTAL INSTITUTIONS (SIC) of this world will tell us that they have been working with extraterrestrials for over 70 years. This is to be continued.

On the logo, we also see words written in purple; this represents Divinity.

Only once in this graphic, you can also see our inner Faith; This flame that brings Life, this energy of our Soul, because deep down we are only energy, electricity, or when we are depressed, our energy level becomes lower.


We see a tribal arrow pointing in one and only direction, which demonstrates having a "Focus", a Vision, and a single Voice for each and every one of Us. Next to it we can notice the “fleur-de-lys” which represents NEW FRANCE (SIC).

FRANCE (SIC) is also the effigy, the emblem of QUEBEC (sic), at the moment the peoples are divided; either they are with Us or asleep with OTHERS (SIC), there are few who are on the side of INSTITUTIONS, whether blindly or unconsciously…. But there is also the Mass of the People who waken up and start asking the right questions. They Ask for the validity and proof of all these lies from the MAINSTREAM MEDIA (SIC)  ...

This Mass Awakening forms the tip of the "IceBerg" under the water and is just waiting for guidance so that all ask the same and only question all at the same time????

Above the arrow, we see in white letters the number '1' (one), which really lands on the arrow of the expression "Where We go 1, We all go" (WWG1WGA = Where We Go 1 We Go All). One for All! And All for One!

And finally, this really means if one of our brothers on Earth is affected, we are all affected.

In black on the logo we also see this Intergalactic wheel; it is a form of Sacred Mandala, which embraces and protects the Earth.

If we do the astrology or rather the numerology of this logo, we arrive at the number 117 (Republic of the Will of All People). English is very important, because all Spells, Enchantments derive from BLACK LAW DICTIONNARY (SIC), it is  the importance to undo and remove its EVIL SPELLS, where the English language will be prime in all of our postings. On the other hand, all translations into one language or another will be approximate, for the real meaning of returning this spell or bewitching must be applied in its language of enchantment (ENGLISH).

This is the explanation for the strength of this numerological number.

I could write you about it for hours and hours, but if you print it out and meditate on it, then you will have another version of it, meaning what it really represents to you (Your own perspective).

Peace is omnipresent in all its forms with the entire logo, for We all walk with this in inner peace.

Meditate while looking at the logo and you will have revelations from other facets and perspectives; it is all in 4 colors and the arrangements of this current logo, represents the True deliverance from this misery that We are all living on Earth, in all points of views.

Who made the logo, it magically appeared from a still very controversial source, the caption says: "it was sent by our Star Brothers"

WWG1WGA   walking in Peace & Respect

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               Publicity by Adpathway

               Publicity by Adpathway

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Join us for your Well-Being

The urgency to unite all under one Voice.

 The Mission of the Republic is to unify our forces under our 4 fundamental values, in order to create The Flèche which will bring order to Earth. Allow up to 24 hours for a response.


WWG1WGA  walking in  Peace & Respect

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