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The movement of peace and of our souls is the soul that separates itself from the physical body by will.

Because will and soul is what brings life into the physical body (our body is under government contract without our knowledge). The physical body is sequestered by all world governmental forces and institutions. The time to detach the soul is here; to reunite with other souls behind an arrow; with respect for peace and for humanity.

With this union of souls, a message will be published, formally, globally breaking down and using treaties already in place between corporations; the so-called countries (sic) to denounce, through legal public notice. After 30 days of posting, the consequences where all the authorities on earth are going to be notified of WWG1WGA (where we go one, we all go). One voice, a divine law that applies to all who are on the pledge. Respect in all these forms and derivatives. This means that a rapist excludes himself, someone who wrongs excludes himself, someone who blasphemes. Respect will enforce everyone's language. Respect becomes a sword, at peace and in motion. The movement has already started in more than fourteen (14) countries.


This is to be continued...


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