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There is no Pilot, No co-pilot within the Republic of the Will of All People of Earth.
Everyone is a Chief and takes responsibility for his /her actions, walking with Respect at all times
But with the conviction of his Peaceful Voice!
The Republic of the Will of All People of the Earth is a decentralized operation in thousands of places across the Globe.
Each white hat and their own leaders are responsible for their operations, each of the paths are unified under an arrow with common values acquired at birth by Us, the Divine Beings, through Tacit Agreement.
All are unanimous under these four values;
• The Divine Soul understanding of having a home and food for one's family...
• The Divine Soul understanding of being able to trade to provide for the needs of one's family.
• The Divine Soul understanding of having the right to travel through the different sectors of Mother Earth.
• The Divine Soul understanding of having the FreeWill of choice of his leisure and LifeWays (lifestyle) and personalized values of each Divine Soul.
All of their Tongues (Souls) & Wills come together on one and only Arrow / to dictate GOVERNMENT (SIC), this fiction that does not presently flatter their Divine Arrowhead of the One Voice!.
On D-day, all will display a LEGAL PUBLIC NOTICE at the same time in all sectors of the Earth and All Cultures of the planet under the same question, at the same time:
“Are the Emergency Sanitary Measures Undertaken in all locations around the WORLD (SIC) as of March 2020 validated necessary and with scientific evidence?"
Let's take responsibility and All together create change…..
After all, we are the ones who Created the GOVERNMENT (SIC) and not the GOVERNMENT (SIC) THAT CREATED THE People!
We are not “Q”, We are “R” for the Republic of the Wills of All People of the Earth.
WWG1WGA… in Peace and Respect
To be continued…