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The difference between FICTIONAL, CORPORATION and creation of Mankind in the WORLD, versus an Organic Will or Living Organic Republic of the strength/voice of all Souls on the Earth.

 FICTION (SIC)  orOrganic ?

At the very beginning of the creation of mankind, people got organized. This is how the story of the farmers (see 1st letter) showed how they managed and made it work. Over time they collectively appointed groups of delegates, wrote their organic and constitutional charter, organic and alive, and not fictitious, some 400-700 years ago. They did not register with the Registrar of Enterprises, because all these corporate places did not exist.

They had to organize themselves, just as we have to organize ourselves. Among ourselves, by the will of living souls, and learn to manage our life like a good father. It is the same existing structure of a family; a Man, a Woman, and several children. When a problem arises, the problems is solved within the family; with the matriarch (the mother) and the patriarch who take the conflict and find solutions by decreeing family policies which are then applied in the everyday life…. Today we have to start from scratch and go way back to SOURCE…. Where humanity has organized itself. We the People have let this to be created, by our inaction, by unconsciousness  or by being  frauded  what is called THE FICTION, what we call today the WORLD (SIC).

Man created the world; the world and the fiction: Las Vegas, the countries, the rights, the border mailings, etc. All of this is created in a fictional world, just like money. Now is the time to understand and return to a republic of the will. The living weapons of flesh and blood of all the people of the earth.

The current problem we have here on earth is that fiction and corporations own all the earth.  But the big question is: “How did men, cities, and corporations buy land?” I would like to see those grandfathers who, at the very beginning bought shares of the land…

From whom were these purchases of lots and land purchased? You cannot buy an Earth, but you can put it to good use in what is called the USUFRUCT of collecting the fruits from  the Earth.

So during our Living experience, we can only be a temporary guardian (Steward of the Land) until the day our soul leaves our body and our body turns to dust again, and goes back into earth. This is why whenever we name something in the system (SIC) by corporations (SIC) in countries (SIC) - and I use here the word SIC which means fiction, which does not really exist, (it exist only because we created it on Paper) which only exists on paper, only on creation. We still say it is called that way….


The earth no longer belongs to anyone but everyone must it for its fruits; for its abundance and for the benefits it brings in everyday life where it is vital to human survival.
So the only way to solve a political problem which is in the BOX (SIC),  is to  empower each and every Living Flesh & Blood People, is with the will of the people that created the government – and not the government that created the people. The hour has come to set the record straight and ask the right questions while reclaiming our power in grace and in respect, but in a powerful way. We all have big questions of justification for all of our actions, we always have to  ask DADDY (GOVERNMENT(SIC))  to forgive us for this and this BYLAW,  that rules all of Us.   Did we ever give Consent for all of this, by our inaction…..????  We all wanted to receive gifts from the government; we wanted to be cared for, and we abandoned our responsibilities over time.  Inevitably, this created a government that gradually, over the centuries, took advantage of its people, and made them its slaves.

Yet, when we look at the government structures and institutions put in place in all the countries (sic) of the earth they are perfect as such but what happened is corruption, it is greed, over the years that has brought all this corruption (DEEP STATE) for  a single agenda the “ME, MYSELF AND I”. The time has come to put these structures back in their proper place: at the service of people and to make them work for the benefits of the people. To bring abundance to people, to make good commerce with people, to bring joy back to people, and let the joy of living be...

All of us together, our mandate is to restore power to the will of arms of all people and to replace these self-serving institutional and governmental structures by institutions that exist to serve the people, as it has been defined, promised and contracted publicly with the idea that a bogus democracy on behalf of all people has been established. I have a question, "Has anyone ever called you to get your opinion in this lifetime on your Opinion on such and such business in GOVERNMENT (SIC) ?. "



 WWG1WGA  walking in  Peace & Respect

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               Publicity by Adpathway

               Publicity by Adpathway

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