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The real question of Power (Inner Will in our Soul) is not about shouting, nor violence, nor have rage in our Heart.

Power is about having the Divine Knowledge which has never been taught to Us, by anyone since Our birth on this Planet.

True Power is acquired through knowledge; it is a tools to understand how - in our Divinity - We are much greater than all those FICTIONS (SIC), CORPORATIONS (SIC), EVIL MECHANISMS (SIC) created to numb (Us - the People - have not really paid attention to the mass manipulations that have been gradually put in place for centuries. This indoctrination, which takes away the Divine Power from our inner (little) Child and the connection from the source where We really come from has completely disappeared….
In order to remember, We will educate You with empowering tools - missing in Your life - and do so without any VIOLENCE OR LACK OF RESPECT. Educate You with Divine Power never seen before in ManKind History, Gandhi style!
For this, we must bring All People back to the source of knowledge, by becoming aware of our fundamental values. The values that unite each and everyone of Us deeply. If we stay on the Plan and we follow the Divine Plan, it will give Us all access to a new level of power that will propel Us way beyond the FICTITIOUS CREATIONS (SIC), and CORPORATIONS (SIC) in place...
After all, it is the Will of All People who created all these FICTIONS (SIC) to NOW PREPARE OURSELVES for the Big D-Day; the moment where We will reverse the power of creation back with one and only Question that concern Us, by using a single Unique Setback of our hands.
We will return Creation back to its source, and come back to the essence of who We are, adjusted to the power of our Will as it was in the very beginning!
To be continued…..


 WWG1WGA  walking in  Peace & Respect