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What is the Republicof The WillofAll People of Earth ?

The movement of peace and of Our Souls is the act and the decision of separating the Living Soul from the moral entity in place (created by a CORPORATION (sic)) with Our Will. 


 It is the Will and the Soul that bring life in the physical Body (Our body is under government contract without our knowledge)

The physical body (attached to the moral entity) is sequestered by all GLOBAL forces and GOVERNMENTAL INSTITUTIONS (SIC). The time to detach the Soul has arrived; it is time to join forces with other Souls behind a single arrow; for peace and for Humanity, and do so with respect.

With this Union of Souls, an official legal notice will be published, globally, using treaties already in place for the  CORPORATIONS (sic); the so-called countries (sic) to ask our question and ask for answers. After 30 days of posting the notice, all authorities on Earth will be notified that WWG1WGA (where We Go One, We All Go). A Voice, a divine law will then apply to All who have signed the pledge. This will be done with respect in all its forms and derivatives. This means that a rapist will exclude himself, someone who wrongs others will exclude themselves, someone who blasphemes as well.

Respect is honored in everyone's language. Respect becomes a sword, for peace and in motion. The movement has already started in more than fourteen (14) countries. To be continued ...


  WWG1WGA  walking in  Peace & Respect