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History has taugh Us

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InMankind History, all the secrets of success teach Us about the future….
Several Wise Divine Beings have walked on the Earth, to warnUsof the Future of darkness, by their sayings and others they knew how to guideUs...

But have we understood their messages for our Well-Being?

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The sayings and morals of the past speak to Us ....

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A very long time ago in New France [sic *] on an enormous land were several farmers.

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Results and Overall Objective

Divine Members
COUNTRIES Objectives (SIC)
Divine Members Goal

Join us for your Well-Being

The urgency to unite all under one Voice.

 The Mission of the Republic is to unify our forces under our 4 fundamental values, in order to create The Flèche which will bring order to Earth. Allow up to 24 hours for a response.


WWG1WGA  walking in  Peace & Respect

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